Whether you are a taxidermist or an individual, you care about your hides.

So do we.

We are K & K Tannery & Fur Dressing, LLC, formerly known as K & K Tannery. Founded by Gary and Diana Kies in 1995, we are family-owned and operated.

As General and Operations Manager, Jeff Kies oversees the daily operations and plans production.

Dean and Loretta Blank purchased the company from Gary in 2018, continuing the family-built business.

Jeff Kies and Dean Blank have over 23 years of experience shaving and fleshing hides.

We are prepared to serve customers in Michigan and across the country with a quality tanning service.

K & K Tannery and Fur Dressing, LLC
561 Industrial Parkway
Jonesville, MI 49250
Office: 517-849-9720
Toll free: 877-787-3665

Dean and Mitch